Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The NEW Cricut Imagine

The Next Big Thing From Provo Craft!

Let’s hear a warm round of applause for Cricut Imagine, the world’s first tool that precisely prints and cuts with the touch of a button, requiring no computer or software.

With print and cut together, now and you can add color and dimension to your creative projects, bringing them to life like never before. Cricut Imagine saves you time since you no longer have to use three different tools to get designs, print, and then cut projects. The new machine helps you add more personalization and creativity to projects with a new library of content including shapes, patterns, and color. In addition, Cricut Imagine is easy to use and is built upon award-winning cutting and printing technology from Provo Craft and HP. Cricut Imagine is currently on display at the Craft & Hobby Association Summer Convention and Tradeshow in Chicago.

Cricut Imagine gives new life to all your original Cricut cartridges! Now you can add colors and patterns when pairing the original cartridges with NEW Cricut Imagine Colors and Patterns cartridges.

“Cricut Imagine is not only unique to the crafting industry, but to the world of technology. There is not another device that incorporates printing and cutting the way this machine does,” said Jim Thornton, CEO of Provo Craft. “The pairing of print and cut technology could only be done by the leaders in each category—HP and Provo Craft. We’re eager to see what our customers can now do with a simple sheet of white paper and Cricut Imagine print and cut technology.”

Cricut Imagine features include:

Cricut Imagine cartridges are enhanced by Cricut Pattern and Cricut Color cartridges to add dimension and layering

Cricut Imagine is fully compatible with all original Cricut cartridges.

Compatible with Gypsy by Cricut handheld design studio

Easy-to-use LCD touch-screen navigation so that all information is right at your fingertips

New detachable accents to be able to personalize your machine with colors and textures

Access to a vast new library of content and artwork: Over 150 original Cricut cartridges (with several new cartridges introduced each month), 12 new Cricut Imagine Art cartridges specifically for this new machine, plus 12 new Cricut Imagine Colors & Patterns cartridges

On-board color and pattern selector - choose your own colors, sizes, and much more

Works with paper sizes up to 12” x 12” and make cuts from .25” to 11.5”, making large-format print and cutting possible

Retractable paper tray

No computer necessary

Uses same blades and blade housing as current Cricut products

Uses a separate mat than original Cricut machines

Suggested retail for Cricut Imagine is $599.99. To learn more about this unique machine visit here.  For more information on Provo Craft visit the Provo Craft Home Page.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Vacation Pics

The Gaylord Palms Hotel, Kissimmee, FL.
Pics from Gatlinburg, TN, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Mini-Golf, the bears we had to pay to see since we didn't see any in the park.

Pics from Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Absent so long...

I apologize for being absent for so long.
It's crazy how fast time flies.
We've been on vacation since my last post and here are a few pics from our trip to Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Gatlinburg.
We stayed our first night in Florida at a little motel in Dayton Beach Shores.  This is the view from our dor.

These are pics of the Atlantic from the beach outside the motel.
This is 3/4 of the family, Rachel is behind the camera.  My husband is completely afraid of water, so getting him to this point was truly a miracle.  The one below is my oldest, Taylor.
This is a pic of the waterfall inside the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee, FL, where my husband had a conference for work (the reason we got to go to Florida)
This one is a bird that we were 2 feet from on the beach at Daytona.

More pics to come.  Happy Scrapping