Friday, September 27, 2013

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LOAD in Vogue – Blog Hop

Theresa   YOU ARE HERE!

I thought I'd share a few things that I've learned as a first timer during LOAD513 and a few things that a multiple time Loadster has to say about it.  Hopefully you will be inspired to try LOAD yourself.

Multi-Loadster says:
I´m not a LOAD-newbie anymore (this is my 6th or 7th?), but some things that I learned so far:
  • don´t overthink too much, whether it´s about using the ´perfect´ supplies, design or technique. That is a great time saver right there!
  • let go of perfectionism - the result may not always be as you envisioned, but that is OK.
  • scrapping often throughout an extended period will help you develop your own style. And once you realize what your style is, scrapping will become faster and easier.
  • making a list of topics to scrap + have pictures printed in advance makes it easier to grab & go.
  • no matter how many pages you made (or did NOT make) throughout LOAD, it´s more than before you started. Life happens. There´s no guilt in scrapbooking, it should be fun!
  • let go of self-imposed ´rules´: don´t scrap chronologically, mix double pagers and single LO´s, mix formats or media etc.
  • it is inevitable that I´ll lose sleep during a LOAD-month because I tend to lose track of time when working on a page *LOL*
  • dabbling in doing digi pages can be fun!
  • it is OK if your style is clean & simple, and you don´t like too much ´stuff´ on your page.
  • sometimes covering up ´mistakes´ on a page makes it look better than before.
  • LOAD is a great incentive to use those ancient products in your stash!
  • LOAD will make you create pages about topics you never thought about before - and they will become the LO´s you´ll love the most in the long run

 I've learned from LOAD 513...
1.     Not every layout has to be perfect.  For me into isn't about perfection, it's about documenting the moments in our lives for my family today, in the future and for future generations. As the family historian, trying to find out who some of the people in the pictures from my grandparent's collection is almost impossible.  And how wonderful would it be to know not only the who, but the where, why, how they are related and so much more.
2.     You CAN fit time to be creative into every day.  Sometimes it is only 10 -15 minutes but if you are organized (which I am thanks to Tiffany Spaulding at and her wonderful Organization Challenge), prepared (photos printed, paper & embellies chosen, journaling notes written), and determined, you can really create great pages in a short amount of time.   Before the next LOAD challenge I will be even more prepared!  I will create page kits ahead of time (which I do already when I go to crops).  I will make sure to have an idea of what I want to scrap and just let the prompts take me to which kit to create that day.  Sometimes the prompts will help you tell a different side of the story than what you had originally thought of, but that is often the best way to tell the story and may just become your favorite layout.                                                  If the prompt brings to mind a something else, I'll just pull the pics and supplies and create that page.
3.     Don't get to hung up on the prompt.  If the inspiration isn't there, just create a beautiful page.  You are not penalized for not following the prompts.  LOAD is about scrapping more, not being stressed out about using the prompt given.  
4.     Scrap with what you have on hand!  Use up the stash that you have so lovingly purchased and painstakingly organized (or not).  Mix and match techniques and products, colors and patterns have fun.  I tend to be a very simple scrapper, but LOAD has me inspired to try new things.
5.     HAVE FUN! Scrapbooking should not be stressful!  This is not a chore but a happy, joyful expression of the love you have for family and friends. 

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I hope you find that you might consider joining LOAD the next time it comes around, but if not hopefully you can take these thoughts and use them as you journey through scrapbooking on your own.  Maybe you'd like to challenge yourself to a layout a day, maybe not for a month but for a week?

Here's a few of prompts to get your started:
  • Timeline? 
    • Create a two page (or more) spread that creates a timeline. Your life, one of the kids, your relationship with your spouse or BFF.

  • Create a page about a favorite activity, place or thing and have everyone in the family do a journaling block/tag about it.

  • WHO? 
    • Who are you?  
    • Who is your child, from your point of view, from the dad's p-o-w, and/or from their p-o-w?
    • Who most influenced you and why?
Have fun and happy scrapping!