Friday, May 3, 2013

LOAD 513 Day 3 -- Grandma's Kitchen

Friday's prompts on LOAD 513 are all about the rooms on the Clue board.

Today's room was the kitchen. The first thing to come to mind when I found out was my grandmother and being in her kitchen in the morning and watching her make "breakfast bread," which was basically a biscuit dough that she made in her bowl of flour. She made a well in the middle of this big bowl of flour and added eggs and buttermilk and whatever other ingredients she needed and while she was mixing that up there was a cast iron skillet on the stove with bacon grease heating up.  When the pan was hot and the dough was ready, she would pour the dough into the pan and put it in the oven.  It would come out with this golden brown and crispy crust and be all soft in the middle.  It was delicious!  It was my sister and my favorite thing about going to Mam-maw and Papaw's house.  To this day, neither of us of can replicate that bread.

There was a second challenge today as well, which was to use a tool or product that you had in your stash that you hadn't used.  So I got out the heart shaped crimper, the library envelopes and the "Create your own" stickers and a couple of word brads that have been hanging around in my scrappy space for a few years and the remnants of a page kit that include gems and ribbon.

I hate using ribbon, although I own a ton, because I can never get it to lay flat. You wouldn't believe the amount of adhesives that are under those ribbons.  I use eyelets occasionally, but not enough to justify the hundreds that I own.  I haven't used a paper crimper in 10+ years but it is all on this page.

So here it is, today's layout. I hope it inspires you to use your long forgotten tools and supplies.
See you tomorrow!

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