Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LOAD 513 Day 8 Col. Mustard

Today is Wednesday, so today's prompt is a character from the game Clue, and today's character is Col. Mustard.  

Thinking about Col. Mustard made me think about my grandfathers, both of whom served in WWII.  I never knew my maternal grandfather, as he died before I was born.  I did know and greatly love my paternal grandfather, Everett Elvin Rawlins, better known as Pap-paw.  When my Pap-paw died in 2001 having outlived my Mam-maw by just 13 months, I inherited all the pictures from their house.  Among the pictures were these pics of my grandfather's time in the Army.  He served as a Corporal in the US Army from 1942 to 1946.  He was a truck driver in the Army, hauling bombs all over Europe.  I'm so proud of my grandfather's service.

So here is today's layout.
On the left page, he is the the far right, sitting on chair arm in the light colored uniform. On the right page, top picture, he is in the second row (first standing row), third from right. He was a truck driver who delivered bombs all over Europe.

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