Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

As I sit here, early on January 1, 2017 and the house is quiet, with my hubby and youngest daughter and best friend and her hubby sleeping after a very late night, I'm reminded that 
even when life is tough, it still goes on and there is much to be grateful for.

I don't know about you all, but 2016 was HARD!

Emotionally, physically, was just down right hard.

So I've made two commitments for myself in 2017.
I'm not calling them resolutions.
Resolutions get broken to easily.

I want, no I need these two things to happen.

I'm committing to get my health under control.
I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Endometriosis and obesity 
(wow, that's hard to say, even when it's been true for 20 years).

I've suffered with the first two for many years.
I'm doing something about the Endo, SOON!
Surgery in the form of a complete hysterectomy is going to happen.

I've put it off for more than 15 years. We tried and tried to have another baby
after Rachel was born but alas it wasn't meant to be.

I'm 47 years old and I'm ok with waiting for the girls to be married and give me
grandbabies to love and spoil. :)

The RA is affected by so many things, 
what I eat or drink, the weather, my meds, my hormones, my stress levels, and
well you name it and it makes an impact.

My doctor has committed that when my recovery from surgery is complete, we will
attack the RA head-on and find a treatment plan that will make my days
better, with less flare-ups and more quality of life.

I'm sure your wondering why we have to wait.
Well RA is an immune disorder.  It is an overactive immune response where 
my own body attacks the joints.  That understood, I have to be off almost all my meds for weeks before the surgery, so I my body will heal as well as possible. 
Otherwise, a post-up infection could be deadly. 

So I know that not only will my body be cut open 
(yeppers, can't make it easy, no robotic tiny holes for this gal...
a full cut down...think c-section...for me)
and trying to heal, but my joints will be stiff, swollen and feel as
though someone's holding a blow torch to them all the time.

BUT I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not cancer (although we did that scare in 2016 too).

My hubby, Mom, girls, friends and family have all committed to
helping in any way they can during this time.

Commitment number two?
To being more positive and present, through my faith.
My hubby went on a Emmaus Walk weekend in 2016 and it really helped him
recommit to his faith, our marriage and I want to take that step too.

I'm convinced that these trials and tribulations are just another
opportunity for me to recommit to my faith in God and 
that through Him all things are possible.

Ok, now that you know the story, I hope you'll help to keep me
on track, keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.
 Send an encouraging word now and then and 
keep plugging along too.  If I can prayer for you please shoot me a message.

I've got the best group of online friends and crafty supporters around and for
that I'm eternally grateful.

Paraphrasing Col. Potter from the A War for All Season episode of  M*A*S*H, 
"May (2017) be a damn sight better than 2016 and may we
all be happier and healthier for it.

And to my hubby, who I've happily been married to for 24 years today,
Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for being on this journey with me. I couldn't and wouldn't want
to do it without you. You make me laugh, cry and want to strangle you and I know I do the same for you.  We've been through the wringer and still come out the other side together.
You make my days worth getting out of bed.
THANK YOU and I love you more today than I could even fathom
all those years ago when we were young. 

Happy New Year
The Knopf Family
Ron, Taylor, Rachel and Theresa (aka Gracie, that's me)
Xavier, Snowflake, Sampson and Sierra 
(our doggy entourage). 

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  1. Happy New Year, I hope 2017 brings you the health and happiness you deserve!



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