Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Challenge: Not this month...LOAD215 Instead

So there won't be any Friday Challenge posts this month, instead I'll be posting my progress in LOAD215.

In case you are not familiar with LOAD {Layout A Day} click HERE for my explanation post and HERE for my post on the benefits and trials of a LOAD challenge from a blog hop on LOAD in 2013.

This year's LOAD challenge is all about being inspired by children's literature.  There is a daily prompt that gives you an place to start.  One of the things I love most about LOAD with Lain Ehmann is you are not penalized if you don't use the prompt of the day.  As long as you create and upload your layout, you are doing the challenge.

Some days the prompts immediately take me to a memory and I know right away that is what I want to preserve in a scrapbook for future generations.  Other days, no matter how long I think about the prompt, nothing comes to me and that's ok. On days like that, if even after seeing others in the challenge upload their completed layouts and I'm still drawing a blank on the prompt, I just go with the flow and create a layout for one of the million other memories or events that are still waiting in all those boxes you saw in the my GOC-before video on Wednesday.

So here are this weeks layouts.  I hope you'll find inspiration in them.

Day 1: This is the opening page of our 1st cruise that we took in November.
We had a ball and I can't wait til the next one.

Day 2: A page for my baby's 13th birthday party.  She is going to be 19 in May and
she has very little in her books. It sucks to be the baby sometimes.

Day 3: Another page for the birthday party. 

Day 4: Another page for the birthday party.

Day 5: It only took 5 days for me to actually do a layout that was on prompt.
Thursday is a color challenge prompt and today it was black/white/red.
I had no problem with this one.  I just grabbed this photo of hubby & I from our wedding,
22 years ago and a couple of diecuts and some red cardstock
and the layout came together in no time.  
Stop back next Friday to see how the next few days of prompts inspire layouts.

If you want to try your hand and creating a layout out each day you can click HERE for my Two Weeks = 14 Layouts Challenge that I posted a few weeks ago.

If card making is more your thing than I encourage you to check out my other blog HERE.  For more details on that challenge blog click HERE.  

Well that it's for today.  I hope you've had a productive crafting week.

Happy Crafting

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