Sunday, January 11, 2015

Two Weeks = 14 Layouts: A Scrapbooking Challenge

In preparation of LOAD215 I've been running a challenge on my Facebook groups.
I thought I'd share it with you here for inspiration and in hopes that you will find that you too would like to take the LOAD215 challenge along with me.  For more information or to signup click the LOAD215 link on the right side bar.

Starting now, I'm going to post a scrapbook page prompt each day for the next two weeks. Your job, simply scrapbook. Use the prompt, don't use the promt, it is up to you, but create a scrapbook page each day.

It can be any size page you want to make from 6x6 to 12x12, single page or double, whatever works for you.

Photograph and upload your pages to THIS FLICKR GALLERY
Everyone who completes 14 pages in the next two weeks will be entered into a drawing for a prize package. If you follow all the prompts you'll get two entries.

All pages must be original works created by you and must be uploaded to the FLICKR GALLERY by 1/26/15 at 11:59pm EST to be considered for the prizes.  Prizes will be drawn and winners posted by 1/31/15.  Winners have until 2/3/15 to contact me for their prizes. 
So are you ready to scrapbook?

Day 1: Create a scrapbook page that reflects your New Years Resolutions or changes you'd like to make in the coming year.

Day 2: Create a page that uses two pictures from different decades.

Day 3: Create a page that is all about your current favorites;Tv Show/Movie/Music/Hobbies/Etc.

Day 4: Create a page that uses something that has been in your stash for more than a year.

Day 5: Create a page based on this question; If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, who would and why?

Day 6: Create a page that has 6 photos on it. 

Day 7: Create a page that is monochromatic in color.

Day 8: Create a page that is based on the sketch in the comments section.

Day 9: Create a page that uses Washi tape or strips of paper to create the background.

Day 10: Create a page that uses a child's art work.

Day 11: Create a page that uses mixed stickers/diecuts/stamps as the title.

Day 12: Create a page that uses patterned paper as the background.

Day 13: Create a page that explains how you met your significant other.

Day 14: Create a page that is a thank you to someone special in your life.

Decided to just drop all the prompts at once, so work at your pace, upload by the date and time above to be entered into the drawing.
Happy Scrapping!

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