Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Challenge: CASE A Card Tag Game on Stamp Nation

So over the weekend I participated in CASE (Copy and Share Everything) A Card Tag game on Stamp Nation (link on right side bar for more info).

It was a hoot and a half!

The organizer, Ally, sent a photo via email to the first player on each team.  They then had 48 hours to CASE the card and email it back to Ally, who would then send their card on to the next player on the team. Then that person would have 48 hours to CASE and email, and so on...and so on.  First team with all their cards emailed back won.

Well guess who was on the winning team?  Go ahead...guess.  That's right ME.

But the best part was it didn't even take 24 hours for the cards to be completed by all the team members. We were to excited to play.  I got my email and created my card, photographed and had it back to Ally in less than an hour and I'm pretty sure the other ladies didn't take much longer than that either.

So here are the cards from each team.  The inspiration card for each team was created by Catherine Pooler, Stamp Nation founder and all around great lady.

And the winning teams cards:

This is the TEAM 1 (my team)  inspiration card created by Catherine Pooler.

This is Martha's CASE of Catherine's card. 
This is Sharon's CASE of Martha's card.

This is Tristan's CASE of Sharon's card.
This is my CASE of Tristan's card.
 I don't have the notebook punch, so I just made tags

This is Susan's CASE of my card. 
 I love how each one plays off the next.  Keep in mind that no one but the first player saw Catherine's card.  This game was the crafting version of the old Secret Telling/Telephone game we played as kids.
It was a blast to play and I can't wait to do it again.

Here is Team Two's cards:

Team Two's inspiration card created by Catherine Pooler.

This is Maureen's CASE of Catherine's Card.
Maureen's blog is

This is Lisa's CASE of Mo's card.

This is Michelle's CASE of Lisa's card.

This is Patricia's CASE of Michelle's card.

This is Jo's CASE of  Patricia's card.

Tell me what you think.  Is this something you would have a good time playing along with?
Do you CASE on a regular basis?  A good tip is to change at least 3 things when you CASE a card rather than copying exactly.  That way the card truly is your original creation and not a duplicate of someone else's work.

I'd love to see your version of either (or both) of the cards that Catherine created.  You can use the new Linky feature here on the blog or our Flickr gallery.

I had a blast playing along with this CASE A Card Tag Game and can't wait for the next round to begin.

Happy Crafting

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