Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Get Organized Challenge Update

So as you may know I'm participating yet again in the Get Organized Challenge (GOC).  I'm a lifer, I tell ya.
For today's post I decided to video my craft space.  Don't judge me! It is a mess and yes it has been worse.

So here is a little video tour of my crafty space exactly how it was on Saturday morning before I started the clean up.

Now if you want more info on GOC you can click HERE for my first post on this round.

This week's webinar was yesterday, so the homework this week is to sort paper.  Most of my paper is sorted, but I'm going to work on PURGING my paper and rearranging my plain card stock into paper storage boxes on the bottom shelf of cube unit instead of those paper trays. They just don't work for me.

I'm also going to move my Stampin' Up paper down to that cube unit instead of in my Kallax unit.

Since I use my 8 1/2 x 11 paper mainly for cards, I'm going to leave it on top of my card/envelope drawers. That seems to be working for me.

Stop back next Wednesday and see my progress.  I'll post another video of the {hopefully completed, fingers crossed} space when the GOC is over in a few weeks.

It is never to late to join the GOC, all the past videos are posted on YouTube, just head over to Tiffany's wonderful site for more details and the workbook.   It is FREE and if you're anything like me you love FREE!

Happy Crafting & Organizing


  1. Okay i can not say it enough thanks for the encouragement to do the get organized challenge. And oh my goodness you have a lot of work ahead of you. And a lot already organized. This go round i am going to really utilize my scraprack better and put some actual limits on what i get and keep.

  2. thanks so much for the tour! I am glad I am not the only one with a messy "side"...I think mine is a bigger mess and only room for one dog!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


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