Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update on my progress through the GOC...

As you may recall from my post a couple weeks ago, I am taking part {AGAIN} in the Get Organized Challenge by Tiffany Spaulding, organizing guru, creator of The ScrapRack and Totally Tiffany products and one of my crafting superheros.

Well, we are through week 3 of this round of the GOC.  I made it through week 1 with flying colors, week 2 took me a little longer but my paper was in pretty good shape before we started so it wasn't to bad to just spruce it up.

If you'll recall from the video{click HERE to see that video tour of my mess} , I said I was going to change how I stored my basic 12x12 cardstock.

Here is the after picture

There is a box for white cardstock, one for brown/cream, one for gray/black and
the fullest one is my Stampin' Up 12x12 paper. 

The pile to the left is printed paper that still needs gone through to decide what to purge.
The paper on the top left is stacks/pads/kits.
The top right is more kits. That I will move after the purge.

I already like it so much better.  I can access the paper so much faster and easier than when it was in those paper trays.  I also can just grab the box and bring it to my desk or pack it in a tote for crops/workshops, which I couldn't do with the trays.

Week 3 is Embellishment Overload - tackling the small stuff. Let's just say this one is my evil nemesis.
I have struggled with this particular hurdle in each of the many GOCs that I have participated in.  I WILL CONQUER THIS!

I'll post pics of this either later this week or early next week. I'm not going to get this one done as quickly.

Today's new weekly challenge is Stamps, Punches, Embossing Folders and  Die-Cutting Systems. 
This won't be hard, since I have mine organized in a way that works for me, so I'll just be tweaking a bit and working on updating my index/catalog. 

BTW it is not to late for you to get in on making your crafty space more organized.  All of the past GOC videos are available on Tiffany's YouTube Channel. 

Also thought I'd include a picture of my newest Totally Tiffany Metal Maid purchase. This is the Stadium Arranger. I love it! I'm storing the inks/stamp blocks and adhesives that never leave my desk.  They are my most used items.  I also have my texture paste/embossing paste and my two favorite embossing powders in there. 

I'm storing my Fiskars stamp press under it, since it is to big to go inside.
Everything is at my fingertips. It is AWESOME!!!!
Thanks Tiffany for your wonderful creations to make life easier.

Happy Crafting (and Organizing)


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