Thursday, March 17, 2016

StampNation Stencil Class Lesson 16

Lesson #16 was on using Gelatos and Stencils

My 1st attempt at stenciling with gelatos was not exactly successful.
I stenciled (the one laying on the left) and then moved to a different piece of paper to "clean" the stencil and I liked it ok, but you know how it goes, I just couldn't leave it alone. I cut off a hunk of two different colors of red gelatos and mixed in a little water and then used my palette knife to stencil again (that's the big one standing up), now there is a thick layer of gelato, kinda like embossing paste on the rose. 
I then cleaned the stencil three more times on the 3rd piece of paper. 

I'm not sure any of them will ever make it to becoming a card but we'll see after they dry.

(They made it to the recycle bin!)

Hopefully if you give it a try you'll have better luck.  
I really love my Gelatos but this just didn't work for me. 

Happy Crafting

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