Friday, March 18, 2016

StampNation Stencil Class Lesson 17

Lesson #17 was on Alcohol Inks and Stencils

I went a little crazy with this one. I'm just warning you ahead of time.

I've always loved playing with my alcohol inks, so I sat down last night and had to play with them and some new stencils my crafty secret sister (from another group) sent me.

I might have gotten a tad bit carried away. 

Series #1 
I used Tim Holtz Glossy Paper and Ranger Alcohol Inks. I mixed a few colors on the felt blending pad and pounced on the stencil. DO NOT RUB in a circular motion like you would with distress inks. This just turns the colors to mud.

This one is on plain cardstock, made while cleaning my stencil and blending tool.

For this one I used only one color of ink on the felt blending tool at a time.

Series #2

This one is on plain cardstock and was made while cleaning my stencil. 

 is on plain cardstock, still had a lot of the ink and silver additive on my tool and didn't want to waste it so I used the plain cardstock that I had down underneath my glossy to catch the drips.

Series #3

Plain cardstock again, cleaning stencil.

This one too, plain cardstock, stencil cleaning.

Series #4

This is what the piece looked like after applying the ink 
directly to the paper from the bottle, no blending tool.

I used a plain piece of cardstock to "blot" up the excess ink. Don't worry it won't go to waste.

I then added my stencil and pounced on Pearl Alcohol Ink Additive.

OH MY GOODNESS I'm not sure this card will ever be sent to anyone.  
I just love, love, love how it turned out.

Technically this one doesn't have any stencil used on it, but I made it while making the one above. I had so much ink that I had grabbed a piece of cardstock and blotted the ink. It turned out so cool I had to make a card from it.   See I told you it wouldn't go to waste. LOL

Stop back on Monday and check out the final installment of this series.
Starting Monday, March 21st I'll be doing my LOAD216 series. 
Twenty-nine days, twenty-nine layouts. Come see them all.

Happy Crafting

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